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Sean Spicer Is In The Sunken Place. GET OUT!

Typically, I reserve this type of rescue mission for my African American brothers and sisters that are lost along the way of realizing their true essence, strength, and power but it has reached a level of insanity with Sean Spicer that is unexplainable. The only reason I can come up with is that Sean Spicer is in the sunken place and must be rescued.

Sean Spicer has been lured into that place where Black men and women are hypnotized and their true consciousness is suspended in a deep, dark place while their bodies and minds are taken over and they are just a shell of who they used to be. For those that cannot relate to the blockbuster movie Get Out consider it the Black version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  We are no longer dealing with Sean Spicer as some may have known him. We are dealing with a man that has been pulled deep into the sunken place.


Twitter/Tweet from Donald Trump 

Clearly that is the only explanation for Sean Spicer doing a press briefing and trying to make the world believe that an incoherent tweet sent by Commander in Lies, Commander of Manipulation, Commander of the Golf Course, Commander of Spewing Bullshit, Commander of The Spray Tan, sighhhh if I must say it, Commander in Chief, Donald Trump, was actually a message that Trump and a small group of people understood. A small group like who? A crowd of no one?  In the name of Regina George, “Stop trying to make covfefe happen, Sean!”

That’s that bullshit I be talking about when it comes to this administration!

Why not just say, “It was a typo?!” We have all made typos online. And Twitter is one of the worst places to make a typo because you cannot edit a tweet once you hit send. It is out there for the entire world to see, screenshot and save. We all have seen how a sound argument can be brought down on social media by someone pointing out that you misspelled one word. We all have experienced this, so WHY LIE?


My momma used to tell me, “If you lie about the little things, undoubtedly, you will lie about the big things.” How can we trust Sean and the information coming out of the White House if he will lie about a typo? God forbid if he were briefing the nation on serious issues that require truth like, oh, I don’t know, Russia?

It is unbelievable to me that Sean Spicer would subject himself to being the White House court jester for a paycheck and proximity to power. Every time he stands behind that podium, he should just come out in a clown suit, floppy red shoes and carry a purchased set of balls to juggle. Someone cannot be that stupid. So, I have surmised that Sean is in the sunken place. So, deep in the sunken place that he has forgotten who he is and will lie at the behest of a man that we all know is a liar but would rather send the court jester and lap dog to do his bidding. Sean has been ridiculed on Saturday Night Live, made into a meme for hiding in bushes, and criticized around the world for claiming that Hitler did not use chemical weapons.

Sean in Bushes .gif

What Spicer fails to understand is that Trump will be fine after his impeachment term. Life will go on for Trump, and Sean will be known as the Barney Fife of the White House. The village idiot that risked his character and career to lie for a man that doesn’t care who he leaves in the wake of destruction concerning his bullshit.

Who are you, Sean? How do you go home and look at yourself in the mirror at night? Can you even look at yourself in the mirror anymore? How do you sleep at night knowing you are a paid yet expendable puppet ? The next time you are on camera, Sean, blink hard and firm two times if you need help! It is not too late, Sean. Like they said in the Poltergeist, go the light! Find the light! You can be saved if you run, don’t walk, now! We can get you out, Sean! Leave the sunken place before it’s too late! GET OUT!

GET OUT! .gif

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