Dear Trump: On Behalf of Many Black People Everywhere, Do NOT Include Us In Your Bullshit

On the last day of Black History Month, Trump took his position giving his address to Congress. Just when I thought Beyonce losing Album of the Year to Adele and the Oscars ruining Moonlight’s Best Picture of the Year thunder, was all I could take, Trump, in all of his racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic rhetoric  decided to open his shit show speech,  with comments on Black History Month. Really? Really? Black History Month.


On behalf of the spirit of Frederick Douglass (yes, Trump, Brother Frederick has gone on to glory), Martin, Malcolm, Huey, Harriet, Rosa, Nat, Trayvon, Eric, Sandra,  DO NOT INCLUDE US IN YOUR BULLSHIT!

We want no part of it. If I may quote a wise sage, Sweet Brown,  “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” Please leave us out of your bullshit!


While I know you want to attempt to blame former President Obama because the White House is leaking information like air in a Tom Brady football, please refrain from blaming “The Black Guy”.

Does this look like a man that is thinking about you?obama-goes-kitesurfing-with-billionaire-friend-richard-branson1

Really? REALLY?

This is a man that is kite surfing with a billionaire. He is not thinking about you. Hell, I wonder if he is thinking about me?! I feel like Mary J. Blige. I was your lover and your secretary, working every day of the week….waitng to exhale.gif

(Call me Barack! PLEASE!)

I have had to face the fact that Obama has broken up with me. For a moment I was foolish enough to believe that we were in that awkward stage where we might get back together but once I saw him getting in a suburban with his top collar unbuttoned, I knew it was over. You cannot blame “The Black Guy” anymore. You shoulder the outcome of America for the next four years.

I was moved by the resounding applause for those that have lost loved ones to the hands of violence.  I was looking for Parvatha Vardhini, the mother of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was killed in a racially motivated shooting by Adam Purinton in Kansas, as he yelled, “Get out of my country.”  She was nowhere to be found in the stands. Who stands to applaud for her?

As a matter of fact, throughout your speech, I wondered who would stand and applaud for the least of those? It is nice to exist inside of a bubble with the majority of people supporting your policies and beliefs. Be mindful Trump of believing your own press, even the press that you and your minions create through alternative facts.

The world that I live in, that I know, that I support, consists of people that exist outside of the bubble. People that wonder about their healthcare, their preexisting conditions. People that wonder about their employment, people that know you will not be bringing back coal jobs. People that fight to worship the way that they choose. People that just want to go pee, freely, in a bathroom-any bathroom. People that wonder about education. People that wonder about police relations. People that see though your Kellyanne Conway Veil of bullshit.

Tonight, you may have fooled America. But what more can I expect?  You fooled enough people that live in the backwoods of humanity to vote against their own interests so that you are now the President.  And so here we are. Spinning in a web of your lies, alternative facts and bullshit.

Please do us a favor, keep Black folks out of it. We didn’t vote for you.

Funny, after all this time, we still don’t go along with the slave master.

P.S. As a viewer, Frank Underwood, Mike Pence is just waiting to take your job. Know that.

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  1. Yessss! When someone says president I say “Who? You got me confused. ” I had to remind a coworker that we are “Free” … for now.

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