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And On the 1st Day of Black History Month, God said, “Let there be twins!” You Mad?

If you are avoiding all media outlets due to the fact we now live in the Matrix (I understand), you may have missed the announcement that broke the internet, Beyonce, Mrs. Carter if you nasty, is pregnant with twins! Yes! Twins! When my daughter sent me the picture of Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement I was overjoyed for her and Jay Z.  I can only imagine the mommy and Daddy Lessons they will instill in their children. I felt like I needed to run out and buy some prenatal vitamins for myself! For .3 seconds the world celebrated and then the unwarranted hate came for Beyonce and those that were celebrating her announcement. People were so mad they were acting as if Beyonce was going to put THEM on child support.

Hold Up. When did celebrating life become something to criticize?

I would celebrate and congratulate Jenny from da block, if she were having a baby. I celebrate life. I celebrate love. I celebrate a couple that has managed to stay together in an industry that chews marriages up and spits them out like that clear Pepsi they are trying to bring back.  Please don’t come on my congratulations post with negativity and if you do, Pray You Catch Me, on a good day.

Beyonce is so fierce, she did a phenomenal visual album Lemonade, performed to sold-out stadiums all over the world, performed to one of the biggest audiences in the world during Superbowl, all while pumping her black fist and telling the world to get in Formation. She teamed up with Kendrick Lamar to tell us to keep moving Forward and running for Freedom, went to the MTV Awards with the mothers of slain young Black males and continued to bring awareness to a movement, grasped 9 Grammy nominations, and then topped it all off with a double dose of motherhood all while in couture leotards and 6 Inch heels!  Beyonce is a bad mamma jamma- SHUT YO MOUF! I could be here All Night listing her accolades.

In this world where we have seen an onslaught of such outrageous acts of hate, we have been in a Love Drought. We don’t know who is an ally or who is an enemy. Every day there is a new reason to wonder about our safety, our livelihood, our healthcare, if we will be able to just walk down the street in peace. And the one day, we choose to take .3 seconds to celebrate a Black woman, a Black family, announcing their blessing, it is a problem. Believe me, taking the time to type congratulations is not going to distract us from our overall mission. The problems of this world still remain. And we continue to fight another day.

But on some days, I need to breathe. I need a glass of chardonnay and a good book to curl up with in a bed with soft sheets, warm blankets and fluffy pillows. I need bubble baths and incense. I need to sit on a beach and build Sandcastles as the wind blows on my face. I need to be reminded that I am human. That this world isn’t such a bad place. That I am doing something outside of myself to make a world for children like Beyonce’s and many others that will grow up and ask, “What did the generations do before us to fight for justice?” And I can say I fought. I resisted. I did my best to share my words and be a voice for those that needed someone to stand in the gap and shout for them.

So please, Don’t Hurt Yourself hating on those celebrating. Allow people to find the moments they need. Give people space to be human. To laugh for a moment. Many of us are grasping at straws right now trying to find just a piece of happiness in this chaos. If that makes you feel some type of way, I’m Sorry. But really, I’m not sorry. Find yourself a piece of joy, smell the roses, vow to watch a sunrise, unplug and live in the moment, rejoice when others rejoice. Find something, anything, that reminds you of your humanity and embrace it, hold it dear to your heart, as close as your next breath and give yourself permission to exhale.

Photo Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

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