My Friend Died Today…For Chris

My friend died today
There were no headlines
No breaking news declarations
The world still spun on its’ axis
My friend died today
Time did not stand still
People moved about
They laughed, smiled, got coffee and posted to Twitter
My friend died today
Life didn’t miss a beat
Clocks kept time
Dogs barked, the trash was picked up, the neighbor raked leaves
My friend died today
Almost an oxymoron to the way he lived his life
Out loud
Unapologetically himself
My friend died today
My friend…died…today
And I remember him…
My friend…my friend died today
Took his final curtain call amongst machines keeping number of falling respirations and failed heartbeats
And the world is oblivious that a dynamic candle has lost its flame…


My friend Chris was simply himself and he made no apologies for being himself. I wrote this poem after his passing and entered it to be featured in the Literary Leo, a newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. The poem received an honorable mention and will be featured in the newspaper. It is fitting, that Chris an actor, writer and true theater buff, still found a way to enjoy the spotlight. Thank you, Chris for being a friend and I will see you when I get there.

Love, Hannah

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