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The Politics of Cardi B

In an industry that is heavily male-dominated, with labels crafting who they wanted to be the next “It Girl,” Cardi’s B carefree, no holds barred, style took the world by storm. Gone were the days of industry curated and crafted interviews. Cardi B took to social media to air her grievances, share her story, discuss her sex life, and offer a multitude of clapbacks that had us begging for more. Who else could dog walk Tomi Lahren around the world?

Poet’s Bloody Shoes

Poet’s Bloody Shoes Lil Poet you can’t fuck with me If you wanted to These expensive These is Red Bottoms These is Bloody Shoes Try to stand in my footprints If you dare to   And I’m quick to clip a poet’s flow SO, DON’T GET COMFORTABLE! Look, […]