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How Beyoncé Changed My Life

The song Formation opens up with the late Messy Mya asking, “What happened at the New Wil’ins?” As the beat comes in, it is gripping as Big Freedia declares, “Bitch, I’m back by popular demand,” and the images cut to Beyoncé on top of a submerged New Orleans […]

Tale of Mike Brown’s

Once upon a time There were two Black boys Both Named Michael Brown One, they called a thug The other, a scholar One was considered a disgrace to society The other was considered respectable in all areas of society One died in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri One […]

This Is For Those Black Girls

This is For Those Black Girls For those Black girls that were told they were too fast, too grown. For those Black girls that had to swallow down pain and hide bloodstained panties cause Momma had to keep the lights on. This is for those latchkey Black girls […]


Removal of Confederate Statues Sparks Debate Rep. Thomas Massie: “It’s a slippery slope.” Sadiqa Reynolds: “Slide down!” Rep Thomas Massie: “Where does it end though?” Sadiqa Reynolds: “It ends with justice!”

Poet’s Bloody Shoes

Poet’s Bloody Shoes Lil Poet you can’t fuck with me If you wanted to These expensive These is Red Bottoms These is Bloody Shoes Try to stand in my footprints If you dare to   And I’m quick to clip a poet’s flow SO, DON’T GET COMFORTABLE! Look, […]