You Better Smile For Us, Black Girl.

Fix it, Black Girl. Fix us, Black Girl. Nurse us, Black Girl. Teach us, Black Girl. Be the help, Black Girl. Clean up our messes, Black Girl. Vote for us, Black Girl. Don’t complain, Black Girl. Let us touch your hair, Black Girl. It ain’t pretty unless we say it’s pretty, Black Girl. Give us your culture, Black Girl. Watch us flip it and become rich, Black Girl. Let us kill your sons and daughters, Black Girl. Don’t you dare say a word about it, Black Girl. Who fights for you, Black Girl? Who will mourn for you, Black Girl? You better smile for us, Black Girl. Don’t speak until spoken to, Black Girl. Don’t make demands, Black Girl. Your presence makes me uncomfortable, Black Girl. Why are you so angry, Black Girl? Ignore your health, Black Girl. Put your life on the back burner, Black Girl. Help me fulfill my dreams, Black Girl. Stop taking up so much space, Black Girl. Be all things to all of us, Black Girl. Educate yourself on who we are, Black Girl. Be our cheerleader, Black Girl. Teach us not to hate you, Black Girl. Labor for our benefit, Black Girl. Let us tear it down and you rebuild it, Black Girl. Sweat for us, Black Girl. Dance for us, Black Girl. Be Venus Hottentot for us, Black Girl. Let us rape you, Black Girl. Who’s gonna believe you anyway, Black Girl? Sing pretty for us, Black Girl. Entertain us, Black Girl. Build movements and let us steal them, Black Girl. Let us co-opt your excellence, Black Girl. Just be satisfied, Black Girl. Give us your ideas for our profit, Black Girl. Work for free, Black Girl.  Stay in your place, Black Girl. We saved you a seat in the back, Black Girl. You should be thankful to be in the room, Black Girl.

Move over, Black Girl.

Minimize, Black Girl.

Shrink, Black Girl.

Disappear, Black Girl.

Don’t be so loud, Black Girl.

Whisper, Black Girl.

Just shut up, Black Girl. 

Ain’t you tired, Black Girl? 


Nappy.co @dazzle_jam

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  1. There are times when I’m really glad that I grew up in an all black environment. I think that’s’ probably what gave me even the slightest fighting chance when I started to step into spaces where white people were (I refuse to refer to those spaces as theirs.)

    I think a certain combination of obliviousness, an absolute conviction that I was their intellectual equal, and a “Don’t give a Fuck what they think” attitude was probably crucial to navigating such places.

    • Amen. It takes so much energy to me, though. So much effort. I remember when I went to Senegal, after a few days It dawned on us that we were not the other people. We could come and go as we pleased and no one cared that we were Black. It was such a freeing feeling. I often wonder how much more productive I could be if that wasn’t always on my mind.

  2. No one is free until all black people, male or female, are free.

    Hannah, another beautifully written piece! Thank you. Keep up the great work! May God continue to bless you.

      • It’s on the horizon! Praying God’s strength for us all to persevere to see that day! White folk seem to be the majority who can be living comfortably, but it disturbs them to the bone when *ANY* black folk (relatives included) have anything equal to or greater than theirs. Their “god” seems to be commerce & consumables. None of that will save us from the consuming fire that will destroy all of the “stuff” we collect that “make” us “comfortable”. Very unfortunate.

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